Innate Natural Health Clinic is a naturopathic clinic in Cairns, leading the natural health industry in Far North Queensland specialising in services of naturopathy, iridology, food intolerance testing, blood analysis, nutrition, meal planning, remedial massage and infrared sauna therapy. We also offer holistic beauty therapies, so you can feel better, naturally and promote healing from the inside out. It is imperative to our culture at Innate that we have a one stop facility for your sensitive health care needs.

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You can be assured that we prescribe only the best quality herbs, vitamins or minerals available to you & in conjunction with an assessment of your nutritional intake & lifestyle choices, we will help you on your path to wellness with simple changes that will make a lifetime of difference to you & your family.  For the body to be performing optimally our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual aspects must be in balance. Our qualified health care practitioners will work with you to achieve this by treating not just your symptoms, but the underlying causes of your imbalances.


Naturopathic treatments are available for people of all ages and when herbs, vitamins and nutrition advice is prescribed by a registered and qualified health care practitioner are both safe and effective.

Whilst you may be feeling well you can still see a Naturopath if you would like to stay on top of your health, and it is also common to see Naturopath to treat digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances and infertility, stress and anxiety, adrenal and thyroid dysfunction, food intolerances and allergies, immune concerns, metabolic syndrome and diabetes, skin conditions and almost anything you would normally see your General Practitioner for. Our treatment is just based on the most natural sources available.

Read about the Principles of Naturopathy here.


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