Cairns's trusted Iridology clinic with a holistic approach to treatment and nutrition. Iridology is the study of the eye which is just like markings on a map that captivate tissue structures within the human body.

The iris reveals the level of constitutional strength, inherent weaknesses, state of health and the transitions that take place in your organs and tissues according to the way you live.

It is especially informative when we are working with you during a Naturopath consultation, to examine the potential for herbal medicine or supplementation to address specific health concerns.

We highly recommend iridology as an initial screening tool for our alternative therapy programs so that we can address the underlying causes of illness, current symptoms, lifestyle improvement, preventative care and recovery from injury.

We can then determine appropriate questions regarding your health and lifestyle, and offer the most appropriate and safe prescription for your needs and treatment.

Call us or complete this form to enquire about Iridology and how it may benefit you.

"Innate Natural Health Clinic is a very professional yet supportive environment. Michelle has been amazing. Her knowledge on such a wide variety of health areas is outstanding and I leave knowing I am on the right path to healing. I only wish I had found her and this clinic earlier! Thanks for all your help ladies!"
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