Live Cell Analysis

With just a finger-prick and a small drop of blood, we use live cell analysis to look at your cells under the microscope to determine the quality of your cells, degree of inflammation, potential infections and nutrient deficiencies.

During your consultation our Naturopath may request to prick your finger to analyse a small drop of your blood under the microscope.

From this, we may detect:

  • your immune response
  • nutrient deficiencies
  • degree of inflammation
  • digestive issues
  • infections
  • condition of your red blood cells - which you can see with your own eyes.

The advantage of this, is that you are able to see the condition of your cells improve over consecutive consultations, as you adapt to an ongoing system of treatment and review with our Naturopath, right here in our local Cairns clinic.

It is important to note, that this is not a standalone assessment and we require other findings to accurately determine your needs.

We ask that you bring along any Pathology reports that you may have from other practitioners including your GP, and are also able to provide Pathology Request forms if needed, which you may visit your local QML Pathology lab to have taken.

Call us or complete this form to enquire about Live Cell Analysis and how it may benefit you.

"Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and relatable. I’ve suffered from digestive issues for many years and have seen various naturopaths. After one visit with Michelle I noticed improvement in my body with increased energy and no boating. Michelle also works within my budget each time I visit her which I love"
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