Michelle is fantastic - since seeing her, I have gained back by energy, lost some weight and I am feeling fantastic. Kate looks after my beauty needs. She is kind, caring and an amazing beauty therapist. I would highly recommend Michelle and Kate to anyone.


Would Highly recommended visiting Innate Natural Health Clinic!! Michelle listens, understands and gives you a realistic solutions to your issues that can be adapted easily in to your lifestyle. I have visited Michelle a few times most recent was post pregnancy and have been feeling pretty amazing since that visit.


After dealing (unsuccessfully) with digestive and gut issues over the last couple of years, I came across Michelle whilst traveling through Cairns. From just one visit she was able to get to the core of the problem through iridology, blood diagnostics and asking all the right questions. Over the last 3 months she has been ever so helpful and is always willing to answer my questions and following up with me. I have finally managed to lose 10kg that had been creeping up on me for a while and i haven't felt this great in a long time!


I first visited Michelle early in August 2015 as I had been suffering acute pain in my stomach area for 18 months. The problem was so bad that I was only averaging 4 hours sleep a day and was constantly ill and the specialists could not find the cure. I am happy to say that Michelle correctly located the problem on my first visit and recommended the treatment. I have now for the past 2 months been pain free and my body systems are now functioning properly. I can strongly recommend Michelle to anyone"

“Michelle has made my life livable again. When I first saw her I was so unwell, every day was a struggle and doctors couldn't help me. With her approachable, knowledgable and supportive manner she showed me ways I could help myself and provided me with a range of products to do the rest. I now have more good days than bad ones and have changed my lifestyle as well. You are a fantastic practitioner and a lovely person. Thank you so much!"
"Michelle has such understanding personality, she's created an inviting environment so that you feel comfortable to open up about your concerns. It was my first experience with a Naturopath, I am so impressed with how much things have improved for me. Michelle definitely has an intuition for her work, excellent at diagnosing and reading between the lines to tailor treatment to your individual needs. I have recently moved to Brisbane, but will continue to consult with Michelle in Cairns because she is so good at what she does. So far so good and hopeful that it will continue with Michelle's ongoing guidance."
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