Chiropractic Assessment

Specialising in chronic illness, our Cairns based chiropractor from Project Health Collective assists you to manage your pain holistically. Do you want to learn how to manage your pain so you can live a fuller life? Let’s work together to make that project a little easier!

After taking a detailed history and assessment, some of the techniques that may be used include manual therapy, soft tissue massage, rehabilitation, education, exercise therapy, coaching, stress management techniques and neurological orthopaedic rehabilitation. Amber will give you the tools you need to feel better and recover.

Amber uses many different techniques and modalities which will be tailored to your unique situation and whether your appointment is online or in-person.

In person other techniques include soft tissue massage, mobilisations, spinal manipulative therapy (or adjustments), neuro-orthopaedic rehabilitation, taping + more! Online appointments will be based around your unique situation but almost all will include pain neuroscience education as well as advice on management techniques and strategies for your condition.

Something you may be wondering is if I crack bones. You'll be pleased to know that chiropractors do not 'crack' bones - this would hurt a lot! What chiropractors (as well as physiotherapists and osteopaths) use is what is called spinal manipulative therapy. This is the movement of a joint which may create a 'cracking' sound. This cracking sound is understood to be the release of gas in the joint space.

So thankfully no bone cracking will be happening here! Spinal manipulative therapy should not be used on everyone and anyone. Careful consideration is applied to who it may benefit. There will be a lot more to your session than just adjustments!

"Amber was incredibly kind and helpful, and so passionate about helping me get to the root cause of my back pain. She picked up on different things and helped me understand why the pain was occurring. My back feels amazing now and she's given me plenty of tips to stop the pain from returning. So glad I found Amber, I can't recommend her enough"
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