What your POO is telling you about your gut health!

It’s NOT everyone’s favourite topic but it is essential to know what your body is doing and not doing so well. It is important to take notice of your poo (as strange as that sounds); the colour, the texture and how often you go. These key factors can determine what really is going on inside your gut.


Below are 5 most common signs and symptoms that are NOT okay and require further investigation and treatment from a qualified practitioner.

🍃 Reflux and indigestion
🍃 Excessive bloating and wind
🍃 Blood or mucus in your bowel movements
🍃 Too many bowel movements
🍃 Not enough bowel movements


If you are currently experiencing any of the symptoms/signs above please understand that these are actually some of the most common symptoms we hear at Innate Natural Health and when given the correct and appropriate treatment plan by our qualified Naturopath can help improve your digestive issues.


If you would like to book an appointment with our Cairns based Naturopath to discuss your gut health issues either phone our clinic on (07) 4041 1005 OR http://innatenaturalhealth.com.au/bookings/index.php

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