What are your Cravings telling you?

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You know that feeling, it's 3pm and you are starting to obsess about chocolate. How can this be? You've just had a balanced lunch, you don't usually have a sweet tooth, you are mindful of your health, but it won't go away. It's getting stronger now, there's nothing else for it, before you know it, you're off to the kitchen to forage for biscuits. What could you do?

We all fall under the powerful urges of cravings at some point, no matter how 'good' we are most of the time. But don't worry, understanding a bit about what cravings are and what causes them in the first pace, will really help you take control.

Cravings are just your body's way of telling you that something needs to be addressed, not necessarily a deficiency or bad health.

Here are the some of the most common cravings:


Craving for salty foods is associated with the kidneys, fluid balance in the body and is linked to our emotions. Salt cravings may occur when you are adrenally fatigued, have an electrolyte imbalance or deficiency


  • Keep hydrated
  • Reduce your alcohol and caffeine intake
  • Take time out and relax
  • Drink herbal teas such as chamomile, lavender, withania, passionflower or lemon balm


Sugar cravings can be caused from an overgrowth of bad bacteria in your gut. The bacteria feed off sugar, so to keep themselves alive and thriving, they send signals to us to eat more sugar. This can have a negative impact on our health.


  • Detox
  • Add a good balance of fats, protein and low-GI carbohydrate in your meals
  • Use herbs like gymnema, bitter melon and cinnamon to help regulate your blood glucose levels
  • Speak to a Naturopath in our Cairns clinic about our probiotic supplement range


Cravings for carbs can mean low dopamine levels. It is highly common for women to crave carbs around the time of your period as their hormones change.


  • Consume more omega-3
  • Our Nutritionist can talk to you about your diet and ensure you are eating enough protein throughout the day
  • Speak to the Naturopath  at our Cairns location about hormonal imbalances, sugar control, nutrition and liver support


Cravings for fat usually occur when you are lacking essential fatty acids. The problem is that most diets include the consumption of too much omega-6s and not enough natural omega-3s. This can cause inflammation, and craving for fat.


  • Reduce your intake of processed foods, which is and for all aspects of our health
  • Take a high-quality natural omega-3 fish oil supplement; however, vegans can take an omega-3 sourced from algae
  • Consume oily fish like: sardines, mackerel or salmon at least five times a week


In general, you can have a few little tricks up your sleeve to keep your mind and body occupied until the feelings subside. Here are our favourites:

  • Acupressure - try gently pressing the Shen Men or "Hunger Point", on your outer ear, for a full minute
  • Go for a walk to boost your energy, mood and overall health. Cairns has some beautiful beaches, walking tracks and waterfalls that are nice for walking
  • Grab a great book and catch up on some reading
  • Take a few deep breaths to regroup and relax or take a meditation class
  • Drink lots of water
  • Have a clean, natural snack such as some nuts, seeds or a boiled egg
  • Tell yourself "I'll save that treat for later” and delay it until the craving passes

Innate Natural Health is here to help you with both the physical and the emotional effects of cravings. Call us at our Cairns clinic, (07) 40411005, or click here: Cairns bookings to start the journey together.

We look forward to helping you become a better you, naturally!

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